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How does VitroGel work?

how does VitroGel work

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Multiple Applications of VitroGel Hydrogel

3D cell culture

VitroGel can be used for 3D cell culture by simply mixing with cells. The hydrogel matrix supports cells to grow as 3D colonies over time. Drugs or other chemical compounds can be added to penetrate into hydrogel system for screening.

2D coating

VitroGel can be used to coat the substance that cells grow on. The different stiffness and texture of the substance might lead to different cell behaviors. Also, as time goes on, cells might move into the hydrogel matrix for invasion/migration study.

and More…

By mixing the hydrogel solution and cell suspension (or other ionic solution) in a proper ratio (recommend 4:1 v/v), an injectable hydrogel can be formed and used for xenograft, drug delivery, bio-printing, microarray, etc.
Additionally, the hydrogel properties and preparing protocols can be manipulated for different physical/chemical characteristic and gel formation times. The concentration of hydrogel solution can also be adjusted for different hydrogel strengths. Multiple applications can be done with these flexibilities.

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